ANT M50 - 0.5 tm

ANT M50 - 0.5 tm

ANT Minicrane: One model for a wide range of versions.
For any kind of vehicle, included pick-up and small trailers.
Easy to assemble and remove.

Among the several available versions you will find the most
suitable to your vehicle and set-up requirements

• Completely manual (no power required)
• Electro-hydraulic by simple connections to the battery
• For P.T.O. (Power Take Off) equipped vehicles
• With rotation by lever or hydraulic
• Hydraulic or by hand pump load lifting
• Extensions: manual or hydraulic
• Counterflange
• Quick fastening kit for comfortable fixing and removal
• Mechanic stabilizer
• Backward attachment kit



Counter flangeKit stabilizer leg with flange

Quick fastening systemKit stabilizer leg for quick
fastening system
Kit backward attachement


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