Maxilift Marrine

ML 400-500 Marine

Standard outreach: from 3.64 to 5.75 m

360° double rack and pinion slewing rotation
4 functions valve (one free)
Slewing torque 16 kNm


• Counterflange

• 990 kg high speed winch
• 30 lt oil tank kit

Standard marine treatment specification
• Sand-blasting of structural elements
• Painting: – Organic epoxy galvanizing primer 20-30µ
– Bi-component epoxy priming coat 50-60µ – Bicomponent polyuretan final painting 50-60µ

• NITREG treatment oil link pins
• Rods treatment with guarantee of 250 hours in saline fog
• Valves protection by corrosion proofing treatment of painting
• Stainless pipes
• Stainless JIC fittings
• Offshore JIC flexible hoses and stainless hoses terminals
• Crews and accessories protected by corrosion proofing treatment

1000 kg high speed winch, with 30 m
galvanized cable d=8mm
Manual extensions
Manual extensions B – C – D for ML 400 and ML 500

Manual extensions B – C for ML 400L and ML 500L


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