ML 110 - 1.1 tm

ML 110 - 1.1 tm

Standard outreach: from 2.80 to 3.73 m
330° slewing rotation with worm screw
3 functions valve bank (4th function available on request)

• 15 lt. oil tank for H (P.T.O. – Power Take Off) version
• Motor pump kit with 5 lt. oil tank for electro-hydraulic versionsERS 12/24V (along with battery connection cables)
• Tie bolts set, nuts and lock nuts
• Spare grease cartridge for slewing worm gear

• Quick fastening kit with mechanical stabilizer
• Crane base with hydraulic or mechanical stabilizers (fix or tilting)
• 3 functions proportional remote control (by cable or radio)
• 300 kg electro-hydraulic winch (for 1 and 2 extensions versions only) – New system with less cumbersome snatch block and quick disconnecting stop end system


Slewing angle limitation
Slewing limitation kit by proximity switches
300 kg electrical winch, 12V, with 12 m cable
(not available for ML 110.3)

Stop end installed for CE versions
Cable remote control
3 functions proportional cable remote
control with 8 m cable (installed)
Radio remote control
3 functions proportional radio remote control
– European frequency 434 Mhz (installed)

Crane base H
Sliding crane base with 1hydraulic extendable
(possibility to add second
stabiliser, hydraulic or mechanical)

Crane base M
Kit crane base with 1 mechanical extendable stabiliser
(possibility to add second stabiliser)

Quick fastening system Kit stabilizer leg for quick fastening system

Kit stabiliser leg with flange Beam H
Additional beam with 1 hydraulic extendable stabiliser
to add second stabiliser hydraulic or mechanical)

Beam M
Additional beam with 1
mechanical extendable stabiliser (possibility
to add second stabiliser)
Tilting stabilisers
Hydraulic tilting stabilisers

Mechanical stabiliserTilting kit
Tilting conversion kit for mechanical stabiliser

Side handle leg
Mechanical stabiliser leg with
side handle
Manual extensions
Manual extensions “B” and “C”

Fixed installation
Electric power pack 220 V (single
phase motor) – 1,8 KW
with 8 lt. capacity tank (for H
version cranes only)


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